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Nov. 30, 2021

Better Place Badasses: Season 4! What Keanu Reeves, a 7 Year-Old Super Hero, La La Land, and Artificial Glaciers Have in Common!

Better Place Badasses: Season 4! What Keanu Reeves, a 7 Year-Old Super Hero, La La Land, and Artificial Glaciers Have in Common!

Once again, it’s time for Better Place Badasses of Season 4, where Steve and Erin each shine a light on 5 Badasses that are making a positive difference in the world.

Featured on this episode:

Amy Wright of Bitty and Beau’s Coffee - Amy and her husband started this coffee shop as a safe place of children and young adults to find employment.  As advocates for the value, acceptance, and inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the Wrights have dedicated their lives to making the world better place for their children and others living with disabilities. https://www.bittyandbeauscoffee.com/

Austin Perine: 7 year-old super hero child humanitarian, featured on CNN, CBS, Steve Harvey, who used his allowance money to feed burgers to people experiencing homelessness. Instagram: @austinperine

Riley and Abbie Weeks of EcologicalAction.org: EcologicalAction is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating a sustainable tomorrow by encouraging sustainable practices. 

Mindy Mayes: Founded Live4Jesse.org where she spreads small acts of kindness in her brother Jesse’s name, to help people who just need enough.

Coral Catch: An all-women coral conservation team, helping to revive Indonesia's world-famous reefs. Instagram: @coralcatch

Keanu Reeves: Actor, philanthropist and all around good human,

Aral Sürmeli: Founder of HERA Digital Health, whose aim is to increase the rate of prenatal care and childhood vaccinations among Syrian refugees in Turkey under temporary protection. HERA’s goal is to prevent health problems for refugees and thereby decrease deaths. HERA now serves 300 women between the age of 20 to 49.  Heradigitalhealth.org

Chewang Norphel, The Iceman of India: Designed and built artificial glaciers to bring much needed water to his community of Ladakh.

Lala Land Cafe: Kind cafe with the purpose of hiring foster youth and spreading kindness: https://lalalandkindcafe.com/about/

Craig Kielburger: Social entrepreneur and the co-founder of a family of organizations dedicated to the power of WE, a movement of people coming together to change the world.  We.org

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