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Better Place Project with Steve Norris

Petra's Perspective

Clint Hatton: Living a Big, Bold, Brave Life in Spite of Tragedy

BIG. BOLD. BRAVE. Since I first started listening to this very deep, emotional, and moving conversation between Steve and Clint Hatton, a dedicated husband and father of three, these words would not leave my mind again. A whisper in my ear that wou…

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Quentin Decamp: Relationship Coach, Therapist & Healing Teacher

“We can't live a healthy, happy life if our relationships are not healthy. It really is that simple.” Steve Norris I do love that quote and – I couldn't agree more! It is no coincidence that my intuition has drawn me to this epis…

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Fritzi Horstman: Founder of Compassion Prison Project and Creator of

“When you study prison populations, you see a common preponderance of childhood trauma and mental illness. The two go together. So what he have in prisons are the most traumatized people of our society.” (Dr. Gabor Maté) The othe…

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Dr. Kyra O´Keeffe on Love: The Direct Experience of our Shared Being

What if someONE told you that the essence of your being, your true nature, is happiness itself? What if someONE told you that your essence and happiness are synonyms, as they refer to the exact same direct experience of our shared being, the experie…

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Tigrilla Gardenia – The Fascinating Things That Plants Can Teach Us!

When I familiarized myself with the work and life path of Steve´s next interview guest Tigrilla Gardenia, the first word that came to my mind was “flamboyant”. It was just there, out of the blue, before I had even started listening…

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Dr. Rich Blundell Returns: Coming Together of Science, Art, Nature, Blockchain and Crypto!

When Steve introduced me to Dr. Rich Blundell´s work, it felt quite challenging to do it justice. Even though I have spent some time in academia as well, Rich´s intriguing and pioneering concepts command my utmost respect. Being an ecolo…

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