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Feb. 22, 2022

Dr. Kyra O'Keeffe on Love: the Direct Experience of Our shared Being

Dr. Kyra O'Keeffe on Love: the Direct Experience of Our shared Being
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Dr. Kyra O’Keeffe, PhD, is an educator and speaker who celebrates love, or the direct experience of our shared being. 

She earned her masters degree in Educational Neuroscience at Harvard University and her Ph.D. in the Learning Sciences at Stanford University, where she studied ego—or “the performance of the separate self”—in the American educational system. She then taught at Stanford, before leaving to pursue her own spiritual aims more fully. In 2019, she met Francis Lucille and Rupert Spira, who shared their understanding of the ancient wisdom of non-duality, which delivers the freedom, peace and happiness that lives eternally at the heart of our being.  Now, she is joyfully celebrating love—or the direct experience of our shared being—with anyone and everyone who is interested.  

She shares this message through juicy stories, simple observations, at-home experiments and a fierce blend of modern research and ancient spiritual wisdom.

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