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April 6, 2021

Forgiveness: It Can and Will Change Your Life - Meet Azim Khamisa

Forgiveness: It Can and Will Change Your Life - Meet Azim Khamisa

Join us as we chat with Azim Khamisa about the healing power of forgiveness.  Azim lost his only son Tariq to a senseless gang-related murder in 1995. Azim chose the path of forgiveness and compassion rather than revenge and bitterness, and went on to mentor the gang member who killed his son Tariq, and forged a friendship with the Grandfather of his son's murderer.  This powerful choice led to the establishment of the Tariq Khamisa Foundation and the subsequent forgiveness movement which has reached millions. His foundation commits to end the continuing cycle of violence among youth. He also offers workshops to help others learn how they can free themselves through the power of forgiveness. 

Azim is a thought leader, peace activist, international inspirational speaker, and an author of 5 books. You may have seen him on his Ted Talk titled "What comes after tragedy? Forgiveness,” which has over 1 million views.  

For more information visit TKF.org and AsimKhamisa.com.

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