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Better Place Project with Steve Norris

Better Place Project with Steve Norris

It started out with a simple question: How can we help make our world a better place? In the midst of a global pandemic, feeling lost and disconnected, we decided to make it our mission to search for ways to cultivate positive change in our world.

We’re holding this space for conversations about all the things, big and small, that we can do to create impactful changes in our communities. You will hear in depth conversations with inspirational guests from every corner of the planet who are doing incredible things to brighten our world, in some cases, after overcoming devastating circumstances.

We’re here to celebrate the flaws and imperfections that make us human and find ways to come together in this world that feels heavy and divided. Ultimately, this project is about inspiring change and spreading joy. We hope that this podcast will leave you feeling better than when you found it. If so, please subscribe and come along and join the journey with Steve and his Co-Host/Daughter Erin.

Recent Episodes

Feel Good Friday! Disorder in the Court: Hilarious Real Life Stories of Courtroom Exchanges

May 20, 2022

This week, Steve decided to try and inject a little humor into your Friday (or whatever day it is that you happen to be listening to this), and borrow again from his friend Brad Aronson’s blog. Brad is best known for writin…

Wanderlust Founders Jeff Krasno & Schuyler Grant

May 17, 2022

In this episode, Steve chats with Wanderlust Co-Founders and husband/wife duo Jeff Krasno & Schuyler Grant. On top of having a few laughs about Schuyler's Mom embarrassing her as a child in a Mexican restaurant in the case …

Feel Good Friday! The Story of Two Frogs

May 13, 2022

In this week's Feel Good Friday episode, Steve tells the fable of two frogs who fall into a deep pit and how the power of encouragement (or lack thereof) affects the outcome. To stay connected with Better Place Project and f…

Encore Presentation - Christy Turlington Burns: Founder of Every Mother Counts

May 10, 2022

In honor of Mothers around the world, this week we are releasing an Encore Presentation of our interview from 6 months ago with Every Mother Counts (EMC) founder Christy Turlington Burns. Christy's work in maternal health b…

Feel Good Friday! 23 Stories to Inspire You to Succeed!

May 6, 2022

For this Feel Good Friday episode, we're bringing you 23 stories to inspire you to overcome and even embrace your failures, and use them as fuel to pursue your dreams. Whether it's Steven Spielberg, Colonel Sanders, Michael …

Daniel Blevins: Stand In Pride, a Safe Haven for the LGBTQ+ Community

May 3, 2022

Daniel Blevins is a salon owner, social media influencer, LGBTQ+ advocate, activist and founder of Stand In Pride. Daniel and his husband of 22 years reside in rural East Tennessee. He’s a proud father of two children and t…

Recent Blog Posts

The Fascinating Things That Plants Can Teach us!

When I familiarized myself with the work and life path of Steve´s next interview guest Tigrilla Gardenia, the first word that came to my mind was “flambo…

Dr. Rich Blundell Returns: Coming Together of Science, Art,

When Steve introduced me to Dr. Rich Blundell´s work, it felt quite challenging to do it justice. Even though I have spent some time in academia as well,…

About the Host

Steve Norris Profile Photo

Steve Norris

CEO of Adventure and Shenanigans

Steve Norris grew up in a small town in Southern Illinois, where his deep curiosity for the world set the stage for a life of passion and adventure. His love for music started at the age of 4 when in spite of being told by his older siblings’ piano teacher that he was too young to start learning to play, he was the only child that actually wanted to sit and practice. Hence, the teacher ultimately relented and started teaching Norris, who went on to play the likes of Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert throughout his childhood. In his teen years, he discovered Rock and Roll and began writing his own music. This led to an early career in the music business where he toured in America and overseas, signing a record deal with an independent label in the 90s.

Getting married and starting a family led Norris to enter the business world where he discovered he had a knack for sales, leadership and innovation. He’s Co-Founded and launched two companies from the ground up (a Tech Consulting Firm, and a Music Distribution Company) building them both to global brands. He’s a former National Board Member and past President and Chairman of TechServe Alliance, a consortium of IT Staffing and Consulting firms comprising over $4 Billion in combined revenue.

Steve’s current passion is in giving back and working on projects that are making a difference in the world. Along with his grown daughter Erin, he launched “Better Place Project with Steve Norris,” to shine a light on individuals from every corner of the globe who are doing incredible things to help make the world a better place.