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Refreshing and uplifting

If you're feeling down or just like positivity this is the podcast for you. Each episode has left me inspired and motivated to do better. Thank you Steve for making the world a better place.

Inspiring Podcast

I enjoy the in-depth conversations with people who are changing the world in big and small ways. I love coming away inspired and with ideas for how I can make a difference. Steve is a friendly, thoughtful and down-to-earth host who makes you feel like you’re listening to a conversation in his living room

My Favorite Podcast!!

OMG! Just listened to the Dr. Kyra O'Keeffe episode. Not only was that the best Better Place Project episode, but the best podcast episode of all time! Thank you!!

Thoughtful and transformative

Steve Norris is thoughtful, intelligent, open and genuine. He shares his own experiences freely and dives into deep conversations with his guests on topics that are so important and that can be life-changing.

The best message (and messenger) out there

Steve Norris is a gift! So great to listen to him and his guests figure out how to live a beautiful and meaningful life in the midsts of our odd and uncertain times. The ideas explored in this podcast are essential for the future of humanity!

Awesome and Positive Podcast

Love listening to Better Place Project! This is such an uplifting and positing podcast that is truly a joy to listen to. I also enjoyed the New Year Resolution one that was more educational. Now I know how to make my new year resolution happen this year!

Steve and Erin rock!

So wonderful to hear great stories about people doing amazing things and doing their part to make the world a better place. Thank you Steve and Erin! I look forward to every new episode and every Feel Good Friday. Every episode leaves me uplifted and inspired. There is still so much goodness, positivity and hope in this crazy world. Be the change you want to see. Thank you again Steve and Erin, keep up the amazing great work!!

So uplifting!🌞🌞🌞

In the world there can be so many negative things to catch your attention but hearing the positive stories and focusing on the good things that are shared in this podcast helps me to remember all the love and good we have before us🌷Thank you Steve and Erin!!! I look forward to a new episode every week!

Fridays rock!

I’m a regular listener, and I LOVE your new Friday episodes! What an awesome addition to an already upbeat, inspiring, feel-good podcast!

Making It Better

There’s so much ugliness in the world right now. It’s so nice to have this celebration of people who are doing something about it.

Inspirational Podcast!

I have been loving listening to Steve and Erin every week. They have great inspirational guests on the show which all have unique and interesting ways they have been making a difference in the world.

A Wonderful Space

It was such a pleasure to speak with the very conscious, thoughtful, and engaging father and daughter podcast duo, Steve and Erin. They both embody the values of their podcast, Better Place Project, and create a wonderful space to really share on topics that are of genuine benefit to humanity. Both bring a spirit of collaboration and kindness to the fore in all their communications and walk the walk in their efforts to create a better place for everyone. I look forward to staying connected and hopefully sharing more co-creative conversations. Hema Vyas The Omnipreneurial Psychologist, International Speaker and Mentor

Bright spot of my week!

In today’s world of horror based headlines, this podcast is a weekly dose of much needed goodness! Each week highlights a person who is making the world a better place in ways that makes me realize that inspired ideas can - and should - be pursued in tumultuous times for the benefit of us all. An absolute must listen.

Much needed

This podcast is so inspirational and uplifting and can really be a life changing tool to find better ways to live on this Earth. Lots of lovely conversations and amazing people who share the way they are making a difference in this world. In a time where people are losing hope this is much needed!


Steve and Erin are just amazing. So creative with their topics and natural hosts. Listening always brightens my day. Highly recommend!

Love this podcast

This podcast has inspired me to do just a tiny bit every day to help make the world a better place. I look forward to Steve and Erin’s interviews with so many inspiring guests each Tuesday!


Just discovered your podcast, such a wonderful resource. Thank you.

A message of hopeful change

I am a person who jumps out of bed on most mornings, eager to change the world. But on those days when it seems hopeless, I’ll tune into Steve and Erin to be reminded that I’m not alone and WE CAN do it. This podcast, and the wisdoms of their quests are the makings of a brightfuture and a better world. Now I find myself not just jumping out of bed, but also while singing their theme song (out loud), “make the wooooorrrrld a better place”!

Great Podcast

Better Place Project with Steve Norris is a nice podcast, each episode of this podcast is extremely helpful, overall it's a fantastic podcast.

A Better World!

Take a break from doom-scrolling and spend some time with the dynamic father/ daughter duo, Steve and Erin. Every time I listen to one of their podcasts I feel better and more optimistic about the state of the world. There are good and engaging people out there, making a difference. Thanks to Steve and Erin for bringing some of them on the show and creating this space for positive conversation. The Better Place Project podcast will make you feel that the world is a better place than you thought!

April 27th, Terence Lester Podcast

Humanity can be found within a podcast! Inspiring interview with Terence Lester, a beautiful soul who cares deeply for his fellow brethren. Thank you Erin and Steve for continuing to find guests that inspire the listener to take action for the betterment of our communities and our world.

My Tuesday Inspiration

I was on a mission to find a really good podcast that inspires me, makes me laugh, and gives me hope for our world and I SO found it with this podcast. I cannot wait till Tuesday morning every week to find out who Steve and Erin are going to introduce me to. They find some of the most inspiring guests and heartwarming stories! For the first few weeks that I listened, I had no idea that they were father and daughter, but marvelled at how well they fed off, and complimented each other. Now it all makes sense. Such a wonderful show! Thank you so much for what you are doing, Steve and Erin!!!!!!!

Cant get enough of BPP

Steve and Erin do a great job finding these people and sharing their stories, this is exactly what this world needs right now. Perfect podcast to listen to on your way to work or before starting your day. Im always in a better mood after listening to an episode and always look forward to seeing who they have as their guest next! They really are making the world a better place, one step at a time. Much love!

Big fan

Such an inspiring podcast that truly boosts my mood. Thank you for this!

Johnny boy

What a wonderful and inspiring show. Just what the world needs in these challenging times.

A great start

Steve and Erin I loved the introduction. I’m looking forward to diving into the series and what a fantastic and much needed topic. There are so many people dedicated to making this world a better place and I for one need to focus more on that than all of the negative things being thrown around. Keep up the great work.

LOVE this podcast

I’m so glad I found this show! Not only have I enjoyed the guests but I also love listening to Steve and Erin. They make a sweet father/daughter duo, but you can tell they’re also great pals.

Great Show

I really appreciate the format offered in the Better Place Project podcast with Steve Norris. It is such a pleasure to listen to a long format show where the guests have the time to tell their stories the way they want them to be heard. There is no confusion, no innuendo, and no shortened context to have to sort through. Just a straightforward, no “gotcha” conversation with some amazing people. It’s like having these people over in your home for dinner and getting a chance to really get to know them and their story... finally! My thanks to the team at the Better Place Project for putting together a highly enjoyable, educational, and thought-provoking podcast with amazing guests from around the world!

Heart Warming Content!

I love a podcast that not only educates me, but also uplifts me. Steve is funny and bring in laughter to rather serious topics that really lighten the mood while Erin asks truly inquisitive questions that I find are thought provoking. If you want a feel good light hearted podcast this is the one! They are basically the new Oprah!

Better Place Project

Just finished listening to Rob Scheer. What an emotional and inspiring story! Found myself tearing up throughout the podcast. What an amazing, loving human being! This was truly touching and self reflection on what I could do to help others crossed my mind as I was listening in! Great podcast Steve & Erin. Love it so far! Excited to see what’s coming!

Better Place Project with Steve Norris

I listened to the trailer this morning and started my day off with a huge smile. So inspiring! Steve and his daughter Erin bring an infectious positive energy to the table that is much needed in our world. I am eager to connect with the upcoming guests and join in the commitment to making the world a better place.

Making the World a Better Place

Great job Steve and Erin. Awesome to give space to all of the unsung heroes of the world. By pointing out and highlighting these great “difference makers” you guys are making the world a better place.