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Feb. 21, 2023

"Am I Going to Be OK?" Certified Divorce Coach Glenn Crawford

We had a good laugh over this story.  This week’s guest, my good friend Glenn Crawford, who played on the ASU Football Team during their undefeated 12-0 season, tells the story of his wife thinking that he was a “white receiver” back in the day. 😂

But nowadays, Glenn is known more for his work helping people with their financial needs, especially those who happen to be going through something that they never thought they’d have to deal with:  Divorce.

But Glenn is way more than a wealth management advisor and Divorce Coach, he’s also a good human, a charismatic storyteller, and he also just seems to have in his pocket, some golden nuggets of wisdom just about everyday life.  Enjoy this conversation where we tackle a difficult topic, provide some great information, all with a little levity and humor injected. 

Glenn is a Wealth Management Advisor (Series 65), is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA®), is a Life & Health Agent is Medicare Certified and is a member of Strategic Divorce Planning.

Much of his practice is focused on working with people thinking about, going through or planning their financial future after divorce. In short, he provides people with clarity, comfort and confidence in their decisions in dissolving the family enterprise. He helps them understand the question everyone asks, “Am I going to be OK?”

Glenn, himself, was divorced after 24 years of marriage and raising 3 young adults. He knows firsthand the physical, mental and emotional strain of divorce.  Glenn’s mission is to “clear the fog” so clients can better navigate the divorce process by providing clarity, comfort and confidence when it comes to their decisions about marital asset division and understanding their “new financial future.”

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