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March 29, 2022

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Flourishing from the Poet and the Sage, Simon Drew

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Flourishing from the Poet and the Sage, Simon Drew
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Simon Drew is an Australian poet, author, musician, photographer, and philosophical mentor. He has a Bachelor of Music from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and is currently studying for a Master of Divinity.

He is most well known for his work with the Practical Stoic Podcast, which has since evolved into The Walled Garden — a podcast and online community where he, Kai Whiting (philosopher), and Sharon Lebell (writer) explore a wide range of topics regarding philosophy, beliefs, ideas, and creativity.

Simon's poetry, music, and writings often play in the realms of mysticism, prophecy, mythology, and wisdom, bringing the deepest insights of his consciousness to light in search of answers to life's most fundamental questions.

His first book, The Poet & The Sage, was released in November 2021

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