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April 18, 2023

Barry Nicoalou: Author of Move the Mountain: Intention Reset

Barry Nicoalou: Author of Move the Mountain: Intention Reset
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The one and only Barry Nicolaou is back on the show again!!  This time we talk about his new book “Move the Mountain: Intention Reset,” where Barry talks about how to manifest exactly what we want in life, and the obstacles we all put in place that slow the process down.  In this clip, We chat about the importance of releasing the timing of what it is that we want.  Just as we can’t tell the universe to make the flower open up when we want it to, (it will open up when the timing is just right),  we can’t expect the universe to deliver what we want before it’s the right time.

We also talk about the 6 steps to Resetting Intention, why we should embrace failure, how we can “See the possibility” and visualize what we want, the power of gratitude, the lessons in a Rudyard Kipling poem, and we browse through a handful of Barry’s 101 Move the Mountain Power Quotes.

Barry is a fierce advocate of well-being to be able to chase down life’s sought after moments. His ability to unlock and define corporate Inspiration, purpose, gratitude and drive led him to his #1 Best-Selling book: The 11 Master Secrets to Business Success and Personal Fulfillment in 2015.

Barry’s national talks, keynote addresses, webinar presentations, and workshops work to deconstruct the untapped power of subconscious thought and the science of creative visualisation. He focuses on the deconstruction of mindset blocks which surround cognitive fear, old-wired subconscious paradigms, Inherited thinking, and their connection to real-world managerial expectations and experiences.

Barry instills his corporate well-being and executive coaching programs primarily through 4 Inspirational programs. Barry’s merging of spiritual based fulfillment practices into the corporate space not only makes Barry’s programs highly sought after, but seen as a secret weapon for employee engagement in a post-pandemic era.

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