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Jan. 3, 2023

Clint Hatton: Living a Big, Bold, Brave Life in Spite of Tragedy

Clint Hatton: Living a Big, Bold, Brave Life in Spite of Tragedy
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I am back from hiatus and kicking off 2023 with the inspiring Clint Hatton, the founder of BigBoldBrave.

BigBoldBrave was inspired by the life of Clint’s oldest son, Gabriel, who achieved his life-long dream of becoming a pilot at the young age of only 17.  But unfortunately, just months later, to the sheer horror of his family, Gabriel tragically died in a plane crash.  In this episode, Clint openly shares what happened that fateful night, what it was like to receive the news, and then have to tell his two younger sons who had just lost their big brother.

 This is one of the most powerful conversations I’ve ever had, on or off this podcast. Yes, this is a tragic story.  Yes, some tears are shed. But as you are about to hear, this is also a beautiful story about love, family, marriage, hope, dreams, gratitude, and as Gabriel teaches us, living a big, bold and brave life, in spite of the obstacles and challenges we face on  our journey.

To learn more about Clint or to order a copy of his new book, please visit BigBoldBrave.us

Instagram: @Clint.Hatton


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