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Dec. 15, 2020

Dr. David Vaughan - The Eureka Mistake

Dr. David Vaughan - The Eureka Mistake
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The New York Times called it "The Eureka Mistake." Meet world renowned Marine Biologist Dr. David Vaughan, along with his daughter Dee Dee,  as we chat about his accidental discovery that is changing the world; changing the way we are regrowing our coral reefs that have been dying due to increasing ocean temperatures.  Coral reefs provide 25% to 40% of all the fisheries we enjoy, as well as play a role in the ocean's providing us the very oxygen that we breathe.  They also break the storm waves, the surges and hurricane damage that allows us to live near the coasts.  Simply put, we rely on healthy living coral reefs for our survival.  But unfortunately, since the 1970s, they have been dying off rapidly.

With techniques that Dr. Vaughan discovered and implemented, new coral can grow back in weeks, instead of years. Using this new method, he can grow a coral in 1-2 years that would normally have taken 15-25 years. We can now regrow our reefs at a rate that can make a difference!  Hear his remarkable story and the challenges he's had to overcome both before and since this incredible discovery.

To donate and/or to learn more, please visit http://plantamillioncorals.org

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