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Jan. 18, 2022

Dr. Rich Blundell Returns: Science, Art, Nature, Blockchain and Crypto!

Dr. Rich Blundell Returns: Science, Art, Nature, Blockchain and Crypto!
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Dr. Rich Blundell is an ecologist working at the interface of art, science, nature and culture. His research examines how transformation happens across the scales of person, place and planet. As a cultural communicator, Rich tells a scientific story of the universe that includes art and human creativity as natural phenomena. Dr. Blundell’s research and work has received numerous grants and awards including, The National Science Foundation grant for Science Out There, the Michael Brinkman Award, and The Deep Time Values video award for An Earth Story. Blundell’s creative video work has appeared on PBS, National Geographic and his art has hung in numerous galleries. 

In this episode, we chat about:

* Ecological Intelligence - “The intelligence of nature as expressed through human thought and action.” 
* Earthling Theory and what makes us human?
* Philosopher Michael Polanyi's Tacit Knowledge
* Embodiment
* Enactivism
* Dr. Blundell's work with Rita Leduc at Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest 
* The connectedness of Art & Science
* The usage of Block Chain and Crypto in the Art and Science world.
* Oika
* Climate Change
* Science vs Spirituality

For more information on Dr. Rich Blundell, please visit: https://oika.com/

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