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Jan. 21, 2022

Feel Good Friday! A Thousand Smiling Souls on a Surfboard with Dan Fischer

Feel Good Friday! A Thousand Smiling Souls on a Surfboard with Dan Fischer
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Believing in the "Transformative power of the ocean," Dan Fischer sought solace surfing the waves of Newport, Rhode Island after the death of his father and a close friend.  After one of those surf sessions where he had written his father's name on his surfboard, he decided to do a Tiktok video inviting others who had lost someone, to send in their names, he'd write it on his board, and take them out for "one last ride."

His video went viral, and before he knew it, the healing power of the ocean was not only healing him, but thousands of other people mourning the loss of a loved one.

"I've spent many nights sitting out there alone at sunset, connecting with the beauty of nature to heal," Dan says. "Now, I have thousands of loved ones joining me…it's truly hard to explain just how truly moving that is for me. I just hope to help in some small way."

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