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Aug. 12, 2022

Feel Good Friday! The Food Doula: The Story of Qwantese Winters

Feel Good Friday! The Food Doula: The Story of Qwantese Winters
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This week's Feel Good Friday Episode comes courtesy of LoveWI.com, where I found this inspiring story of Qwantese Winters,  "The Food Doula."

Qwantese, who is black, discovered that so many women of color were dying from pregnancy and childbirth.  So she decided to become a doula where she could "provide more emotional support and help the mother feel safe enough so that she can birth her child freely. "  But she didn't stop there.  She also felt strongly that part of the nurturing process should involve making sure they have good, healthy food.  So she called upon her cooking skills that she learned from her mother, and her Gullah Geechee ancestry.  Learning this history became the catalyst for her journey.   She went on to become "The Food Doula."

Qwantese is now the Co-Host of "Let's Grow Stuff" on @pbswisconsin

Special Thanks to LoveWI.com for this story.

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