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Jan. 14, 2022

Feel Good Friday! The Inspiring Story of Nathan Ogden!

Feel Good Friday! The Inspiring Story of Nathan Ogden!
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This week’s story shine's a light on one of the most courageous humans you will ever com across, Nathan Ogden.  Back in December 0f 2001, Nathan, an accomplished snow skier, accustomed to catching big air, was hauling down the mountain and launched himself off a huge jump soaring more than 30 feet in the air.  But this particular jump went horribly wrong and Nathan crashed, crushing his spine, leaving him in a wheel chair and endless hours, days and months ahead of him to regain the use of his arms and hands.  Through all of this, Nathan held hope that one day he would walk again.

That is until an unfortunate series of events that led to Nathan breaking his neck a 2nd time, this time even higher up, wiping out all the work he had done for 13 months to regain the use of his hands and arms, and leaving him permanently paralyzed.  But even that didn't stop Nathan from going on to accomplish so many amazing things that most of us only dream of. Listen to this inspiring story where Nathan teaches us that we can do virtually anything we choose in life, in spite of the sometimes overwhelming obstacles put in front of us.

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