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July 29, 2022

Feel Good Friday! The "Mind the Gap" Love Story

Feel Good Friday! The

In this weeks, episode, Steve tells the story of Dr. Margaret McCollum, who would go to the Tube Station in London, sit on a bench, and wait for the subway doors to open, so that she could hear the sound of her late husband on the recording warning the passengers to "Mind the Gap."

But one day, as the train approached and the doors opened, she was devastated to learn that they had replaced the technology and  the recording made  in the 1950s by her husband, Oswald Laurence was no longer being used.

So Dr. McCollum reached out to Transportation for London, (TFL) and asked if they could provide her with a recording of her husband saying the iconic phrase.  The TFL authorities not only provided her a recording, but they also decided to bring back the recording and play it at Embarkment Station.  Now, Dr. McCollum can sit on her favorite bench at her favorite station and hear the sound of her late husband once again.

Well done Transportation for London!

Tap the link in bio to listen to this short, inspiring 5-minute episode.

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