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Jan. 7, 2022

Feel Good Friday! The Mole in the NHL and the Hero who Got it Removed!

Feel Good Friday! The Mole in the NHL and the Hero who Got it Removed!
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This week's 7-minute feel-good short story is about the NHL Hockey Coach, Brian Hamilton who was working on the bench of the Vancouver Canucks and Seattle Kraken's match when I determined young medical student named Nadia Popovici, who was sitting right behind the bench, noticed a peculiar mole on the back of his neck that she thought might be cancerous. 

So, she decided to type him an urgent message on her phone saying "The mole on the back of your neck is possibly cancerous.  Please go see a doctor" and she held her phone up to the plexiglass while pounding to get his attention.  Well, she certainly got his attention.  Enough so, that he decided to go get it checked and sure enough, the doctor diagnosed him with stage 2 malignant melanoma, and told him "You definitely have an angel looking out for you."

Excerpt from the podcast: "What I love about this story is it completely stems from one human’s concern for another…a complete stranger nonetheless.  We are all truly in this together.  Many of us would have said 'who am I to intervene in his life regarding a private matter like this?' and never said a word.  But when Nadia’s concern for Brian’s well-being, was stronger than her desire to 'stay out of it,' or just 'not get involved,' both her world and Brian’s world suddenly shined just a little bit brighter. She has taught us that a small act of kindness, compassion, concern for a fellow human being, not only has the power to make someone’s day, it literally saved someone’s life. "

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