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Oct. 21, 2022

Feel Good Friday! The Simple Good Story

Feel Good Friday! The Simple Good Story
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For this week’s story we go to Chicago Il, and feature an organization called The Simple Good.  I was inspired to do this episode after reading and article on BitterSweetMonthly. Com written by Kate Schmidgall.

 After hearing this story and reading this article, I was curious to learn about the Simple Good, so I went to their website and discovered a little bit about Founder Priya Shah’s background. Turns out the inspiration for The Simple Good (TSG) came from her own experience of overcoming adversity which was inspired by art and world travel. She was born without a left hand, a woman and a person of color and because of this there was a lot of doubt, shame, and oppression towards her aspirations 

Says Shah, "I want to connect youth to a world beyond their own so that they can be inspired by examples of hope and resilience, just like I was. TSG is dedicated to creating environments that encourage positive self-esteem, self-worth, and empathy towards others. We work to foster individual purpose and accountability to one another, and through this we decrease the global risks of violence and create peaceful environments for everyone."

TSG believes that ‘good’ means the same no matter where you go and universality connects us as human beings. Their mission is to embody that message in their work with students, artists and the greater community. With every interaction, they aim to empower a more connected, empathetic and resilient world by identifying, creating, sharing and celebrating “the simple good.”

To learn more about The Simple Good or to make a donation, please visit:
Instagram: @thesimplegood
Instagram: @priyashah16


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