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Sept. 2, 2022

Feel Good Friday! The Story Behind the Spin Doctors' "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong"

Feel Good Friday! The Story Behind the Spin Doctors'
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In 1992, New York City based rock 'n' roll band The Spin Doctors released their hit song "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" from their 1991 album Pocket Full of Kryptonite,which hit #17 on the pop charts.

Virtually everyone at the time assumed the song was written about an ex-girlfriend of frontman and songwriter, Chris Barron. But 27 years later, Barron tweeted the truth;  the song was written about his step-mom, who bullied him, told him he would never amount to anything and he would "die in a gutter."

Well Barron use this abuse as fuel for his fire and wrote a song about her.  Here's the tweet that went viral:

"My stepmom told me I'd be a janitor [nothing wrong with that] and live in the basement of a school and play guitar for the rats. I wrote a song about her. It's called Little Miss Can't Be Wrong. It's been played on the radio three million time."

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