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Dec. 31, 2021

Feel Good Friday! The Story of the Wandering Fish Chair and the Matching Tattoo!

Feel Good Friday! The Story of the Wandering Fish Chair and the Matching Tattoo!
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This week’s 6-minute Feel Good Friday Episode tells the story of Emily Delfavero, a very unique chair, and a very special Facebook Group that brought them all together.

Emily, an auto mechanic from Syracuse, New York spotted a chair posted to a Facebook group that happened to be the exact fish chair that inspired her to get an image of it tattooed on her leg a couple years earlier. She had not only never owned the chair, but had never actually seen the chair, nor knew it existed.  She had only seen the design on a doll house chair years ago.  So she commented on the post with a photo of her matching tattoo.

This inspires a group of complete strangers to take action, raise the money, and somehow get the chair to Emily who lives 300 hundred miles away.  This is a story of overcoming abuse, kindness, compassion, connectedness, and love all rolled into one.

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