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March 4, 2022

Feel Good Friday! TikTok Dad Stands in at LGBTQ Weddings

Feel Good Friday! TikTok Dad Stands in at LGBTQ Weddings
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Today’s story shines a light on Dan Blevins, who after walking his daughter down the aisle in 2018 said that just the thought of someone not having a parent at their wedding or in their life, was just heartbreaking to him.  So, what did Dan do? He uploaded a video to Tiktok where he invited anyone from the LGBTQ community to ask him to stand in as a parent at their wedding if their own parents were not supportive of their relationship.

No one should have to say “I do” alone.

Dan's TikTok video has now gone viral with so many people commenting on emotional experiences of their parents or families members rejecting them for their sexuality or gender identity.

In an interview with Today, Blevins, of Tennessee, said the response inspired him to start a Facebook group where community members and stand-ins could meet each other. The group, "TikTok Stand In Families," is fast approaching 40,000 members as of this  writing.

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