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April 15, 2022

Feel Good Friday! Yia Lor's "How Can I Be that Seed that Continues" Essay.

Feel Good Friday! Yia Lor's
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For this week’s story, we head to Wisconsin.  Steve stumbled across a project called “Love Wisconsin,” whose mission is to use storytelling and social media to bring about a more connected, compassionate, and engaged Wisconsin.

In this episode, Steve reads and essay written by Yia Lor that was published in the Wisconsin Historical Society Press' book ‘Hope Is the Thing: Wisconsinites on Perseverance in a Pandemic’.   Yia, whose parents came to Wisconsin as refugees of the Vietnam War, writes about coming from a long line of farmers and growing up working long hours barefoot in the mud with her five siblings.

In this gentle story, Yia contemplates how she can preserve history through her stories.  "This past year I’ve been thinking about how to hold on to what it means to be Hmong. How can I hold on to this part of me that is really important? How can I be that seed that continues?"

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