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Sept. 14, 2021

It Ain't Easy! Challenges of Trying to Make a Better World as Wildlife Thrives When the Humans Stay Home

It Ain't Easy! Challenges of Trying to Make a Better World as Wildlife Thrives When the Humans Stay Home
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In this episode, Steve and Erin cover a variety of topics, starting with an update on the Paul Rusesabagina (The real-life hero of the movie “Hotel Rwanda") kidnapping and trial, and Steve does a deep dive on the  David Attenborough documentary “The Year Earth Changed,” which covers the many fascinating ways the pandemic has actually benefitted wildlife around the world.

 They then discuss challenges that they are encountering as they try to implement some of the things they’ve learned from guests on the show.  They chat about the difficulties in tackling forgiveness, the importance of practicing positive self-talk, of surrounding ourselves with positive people,  and making the difficult decision of cutting someone out of your life, and establishing boundaries. Steve tells a story about an encounter with a person experiencing homelessness, and how he still is learning and adapting, which leads to a discussion about the importance of empathy for our fellow humans.

 After Erin mentions that unplugging from technology and being present has been a big challenge for her, they talk about how they’ve learned the important lesson that making the world a better place does not necessarily just mean doing kind deeds for others.  It is just as important to focus on improving our own mental health, our own worldview, our own happiness, living a live of gratitude and kindness, living our truth, living an authentic, joyful and fulfilled life.  By doing these things, we are well on our way to helping make the world a better place. 

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