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Aug. 23, 2022

Jennifer Van Wyck: Choosing Love Over Fear

Jennifer Van Wyck: Choosing Love Over Fear
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In this week's episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with humanitarian and best-selling author  Jennifer Van Wyck about choosing love over fear.

Other topics covered were:

* What is a highly sensitive empath? (HSE) and how do you know if you are one?
* How to connect to your heart
* The four types of intuition
* The importance of surrendering
*  Emotions and why they are so powerful
* The key to happiness
* Jennifer shares some behind the scenes (and terrifying) stories of her work in war-torn countries, her biggest challenges, and how she deals with all the suffering she witnesses first-hand.

Humanitarian, author, and registered clinical counsellor. Jennifer has
been director of her company Van Wyck Consulting for over 10 years and
has served thousands of clients. She has received a medal of honor from
the Canadian Govt. for her humanitarian work during the Ebola response
in West Africa, and has set up programs all over the world helping people
to recover from war, natural disasters and epidemics. Her book "The
Good Thing About Mortar Shells: Choosing love over fear" was a
best seller in multiple categories at its release in 2020. The book is about
how to deeply connect with your heart and intuition to hear the message
your emotions are trying to give you.

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