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Jan. 24, 2023

Joint Podcast Conversation with Adam Carbary of Embrace & Expand

Joint Podcast Conversation with Adam Carbary of Embrace & Expand
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This was a first for me.  I had a blast just shooting the sh*t with Adam Carbary of Embrace & Expand.

Adam and I decided to not interview each other on our separate podcasts, but rather just plug in the mics and chat, no set questions (except the 1 signature questions from each of our podcasts), just two wanderers in the world sharing their journeys.  

Adam has a question he asks his guests on his show: "What did you have to embrace in your life in order to expand into the person you are today?” What a magnificent question!  This clip includes portions of my attempt to answer it.  And Adam answers Better Place Project’s signature question, “What advice do you have for us and our listeners on how we can help make the world a better place,” with as beautiful an answer as I have ever gotten for this question.  And obviously he has mastered the art of brevity WAY better than I have! 

Adam, who founded Embrace & Expand in 2021, is a fellow @Somaticrelease Breathwork Practitioner, a Wellness Coach and a Reiki Teacher.  He also happens to be a beautiful human being who is a much-needed lightworker in this world.

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