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April 19, 2022

Kelli Foulkrod: A Mental Health Revolution

Kelli Foulkrod: A Mental Health Revolution
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Kelli Foulkrod is a holistic psychotherapist, trauma-informed yoga teacher, and healing arts practitioner based in Austin, Texas and licensed in Colorado.  She has been working in the mental health field for 21 years and for the past 12 years, she has managed her private practice, Organic Mental Health Center.  Kelli supports pregnant and postpartum women, reproductive trauma, grief and loss, psychosis, bipolar, OCD, psychiatric drug withdrawal and healing trauma and PTSD. 

By integrating somatic modalities and energy practices with Internal Family Systems and depth psychology, a holistic approach to healing is offered.  Kelli believes each individual is their own healer and re-frames the current model of giving authority over to an expert for healing. For 12 years, Kelli has been passionate about assisting new moms into their initiation into motherhood and offering holistic healing options outside of the pharmaceutical industry.

Kelli has worked in a variety of academic and clinical settings.  Kelli’s time working for a clinic bringing SSRIs to market with FDA approval process opened her eyes to the corruption in the pharmaceutical industry; this sparked a paradigm shift in the way she approaches mental health healing.  She has been apprenticing in earth based healing traditions for eight years, and learned a variety of energy balancing techniques. Kelli has training in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy and currently offers integration services only. 

Kelli believes the mental health system in America is based on oppression and works to advocate for informed consent. She is currently working on a startup to create a regenerative mental health farm, as an alternative to traditional inpatient psychiatric hospitals in service to psychiatric drug withdrawal and trauma healing.  She has created a nonprofit organization, Earth Pharma, to play a part in the paradigm shift. 

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