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April 20, 2021

Missy Bellinger: Co-Founder of A Shelter for Cancer Families

Missy Bellinger: Co-Founder of A Shelter for Cancer Families
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 Missy Bellinger's late husband Tom was diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer on their second wedding anniversary, and he sadly passed away eighteen months later.  After making a promise to Tom, and being inspired after welcoming an out of town cancer family into her home, Missy created the Amschwand Sarcoma Cancer Foundation, which later evolved into A Shelter for Cancer Families (ASCF).  In this episode, Missy shares her heartbreaking story, and how she went on to turn this horrible tragedy into a passion and life's work serving other families in their fight against cancer.  

Today ASCF is the only organization in the Texas Medical Center offering FREE tangible support to FAMILIES affected by cancer regardless of age, cancer type, treatment status or income, and in ways that respect the privacy, dignity and time of the families served.  

To learn more, volunteer or donate to this wonderful cause, please visit CancerFamilies.org.

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