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Nov. 16, 2021

Paul House and Angie Gade: Turning Tragedy Into Hope and Healing for Veterans

Paul House and Angie Gade: Turning Tragedy Into Hope and Healing for Veterans
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This week's guests are Paul House and Angie Gade of HouseInTheWoods.org.

Paul and Dee House founded House in the Woods after their son, Sgt. Joel A. House, was killed by a roadside bomb while serving in the Army in Iraq.  Their vision for House in the Woods began shortly after attending the military memorial service at Fort Hood, TX for Joel and 19 other soldiers from his army base who died the same month as their son.  It was both emotionally overwhelming and comforting to be around so many families who were experiencing the same grief and loss.  They dreamed of creating a program using Maine's outdoor resources that would help military families support one another.

Paul is a life-long Maine woodsman and Maine Master Guide. Dee is a former Navy "brat" who grew up in military housing and schools during the Vietnam War era.

In this episode we chat about:
* Joel House and his childhood growing up
* Joel's first tour in Iraq
* Joel's second tour when a suicide bomber drove a vehicle through his barracks, killing his friend.
* We chat about the documentary "Welcome to Lee Maine," which tells the story about this small town and how it was affected by the war.
* The day a van drove up to the house and two soldiers stepped out.
* The motivation to start Houseinthewoods.org
 * The support from state senators and the Governor to get House In The Woods off the ground.
* The work that House In the Woods is doing
* The impact the organization is having on veterans suffering form PTSD.
* Paul and Angie's advice on how we can help make he world a better place

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