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Aug. 16, 2022

Quentin Decamp: Relationship Coach, Therapist & Healing Teacher

Quentin Decamp: Relationship Coach, Therapist & Healing Teacher
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This week's guest is Relationship Coach, Therapist & Healing Teacher, Quentin Decamp.

In this conversation, we chatted about childhood trauma, commitment fears, wounded inner child work, anxious partners, avoidant partners, trauma bonds, toxic relationships, twin flames, healing via somatic breathwork and meditation,  and so much more.. 

Quentin is an embodied relationship coach, somatic therapist and breathwork facilitator. He is also a dedicated, passionate writer, content creator & in depth body-mind worker who uses powerful knowledge, tools, breath techniques and movement to create a safe, transformational space, helping people to dissolve their subconscious limitations, trapped emotions and past traumas. Quentin guides individuals to heal the connection they have with themselves, so they can build a strong, connected and conscious romantic relationship with their partner that would be a reflection of their healing journey, and not a mirror of their past hurts.

Reflecting on how deeply lost he was in the darkest, most painful spaces a human being can emotionally experience, his journey has helped him become extremely accurate at understanding people's constraints and helping them to move past their most stubborn, unconscious blockages.

With a unique perspective, mixing deep writing and his own sense of humour, intertwining spirituality, science based ideas and other diverse approaches, Quentin makes the work something that anyone can relate more and more to.

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