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Nov. 1, 2022

Seibo Shen: Change Your Life with Intuition, Actualization, & Manifestation

Seibo Shen: Change Your Life with Intuition, Actualization, & Manifestation

This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Seibo Shen, creator of The I Am Self Mastery Academy, and he did not disappoint!  This episode is just full of takeaways, as we learned from Seibo about the “I Am Equation,” which consists of Intuition, Actualization, and Manifestation, and "takes the pressure off of yourself for having to figure everything out. You simply follow your HIGHEST JOY and the rest of life will unfold even more beautifully than you could have envisioned."

We also talked about the law of attraction, having professional AND personal success, the 3 categories of consciousness, the power of meditation, breath work, the double slit experiment and so much more!

Seibo Shen, is an entrepreneur, mindset and business coach who has had 6 successful exits. He has spoken at SXSW, ArcView, New West Summit, and been interviewed by publications such as Business Insider and Forbes

Seibo has put together a framework that combines practical, utilitarian skills with a metaphysical ideology to help us lead a life of passion and purpose without sacrificing abundance. Now, he wants to share this framework with as many people who want to begin prioritizing fulfillment and have self mastery over their own lives.

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