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March 8, 2023

Solo Episode: More ChatGPT and Guest News & Updates

Solo Episode: More ChatGPT and Guest News & Updates

For this week’s solo episode I do a quick update on exciting things that are going on with past guests, as well as an update to last month’s solo episode about ChatGPT.

Topics/Guests included are:

* Carine and Anaise Kanimba, daughters of Paul Rusesabagina, the hero of the Movie Hotel Rwanda who has been falsely imprisoned in Rwanda for 922 days! You can support Paul’s cause by ordering a T-shirt like the one I’m wearing in the pic above at PaulR.org

* The last slave ship Clotilda.  Over two years ago I interviewed descendants of enslaved africans and a descendent of the captain of the Clotilda in an emotional 2-part series. A Netflix Documentary is now out, National Geographic and many others have done pieces on this story and Ben Raines, the author and documentary filmmaker who found the Clotilda has a new book out. And a new museum in honor of the Clotilda is opening in Mobile Alabama in July.

* Ibu Robin Lim update - She got her birthday wish!

* Anti-Diet Author Christy Harrison, who was on the show back in January of 2021 has a new book coming out in April!

* Terence Lester of Love Beyond Walls update (Near fatal accident and on the cusp of his PhD.

* Paul Watkins currently competing in his 3rd Arctic Ultra Marathon (He’s WON once already!)

* Barry Nicolauo: Best-Selling Author and frequent BPP guest has a new book coming out!!

* Dan Fischer of One Last Wave Project has gone global and is working on his 5th board!

* Daniel Mate, Co-Author of Bestselling The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness and Healing in a Toxic Culture has a new podcast out called Let’s Get Lyrical with Carice and Daniel, and it’s awesome!

* The ever inspirational Clint Hatton has a new book out called Big Bold Brave: How to live Courageously in a Risky World.

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