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April 13, 2021

Special Edition: Better Place BadAsses!

Special Edition: Better Place BadAsses!

In this week's Special Edition episode, Steve & Erin each select 5 special people from around the world and trade off stories about these inspirational badasses that are making the world a better place. Included are Adam Lowy (MoveForHunger.org), Malala (Malala.org), Dasia Taylor (Invented infection-detecting sutures), Missy Bellinger (CancerFamilies.org), Jane Elliot (JaneElliot.com), John, Kim, Samantha and Casey Weiner (PCRF-Kids.org), Miley Cyrus (Happyhippies.org), Amanda Morgan (TheAmandaGorman.com), Matthew McConaughey (JKlivinfoundation.org), Abigail Disney (DaphneFoundation.org), and Paul Rusesabagina (HrrFoundation.com).

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