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Sept. 13, 2022

Steven Jaggers: Founder of Somatic Breathwork

Steven Jaggers: Founder of Somatic Breathwork
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What an amazing conversation I had with Steven Jaggers of Somatic Breathwork! Whether you are just now hearing about Somatic Breathwork, or you’re a seasoned veteran, this episode is for you!

Steven Jaggers, the founder of Somatic Breathwork, is an Integrative Manual Therapist and Holistic Heath Coach with many years of experience in a variety of clinical and cultural settings. He is the host of Mind-Body Mentor Podcast where he interviews masters in Health & Spirituality for the modern life. Steven helps people from all over the world align their Minds & Bodies through potent movement practices, energetic bodywork and a deep reconnection to nature.  Steven’s purpose in life is to liberate people from the stress and overwhelm that lies unprocessed in our body so that we become free in our mind. He believes there is an exact correlation between our physical vitality and mental health. If we want to improve the quality of our lives we MUST address both.

Somatic breath work has been the most powerful modality he has found that has truly created a lasting change for his clients, community and the world. We are changing the paradigm of Mind-Body Health.

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