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June 21, 2022

The Healing Power of Sound with Lisa Grezlak

The Healing Power of Sound with Lisa Grezlak

Lisa Grezlak is a healer, advocate, teacher and creator.  She created SVOUND to promote the incredible healing Sound Vibration offers to provide RESTORATION and CALM for those struggling with any form of dis-ease in their lives. Our minds and bodies are meant to be in a state of total wellness. But in today's world, there is so much going against the balancing of our energy systems and people are suffering tremendously.

From an early age, Lisa suffered with severe levels of anxiety and depression. As life progressed PTSD popped up, and a host of other emotional and physical issues. that were managed through medication and 'hiding'. 

While visiting Sedona, AZ in 2016, she got an 'accidental' sound massage (as she thought she was getting a standard body massage). and that session changed her life forever. Today she is free from the physical and mental pain she lived with her entire life by incorporating sound vibration healing regularly.  A whole new world of understanding herself has opened up and she can say that she has reclaimed the most important aspects of the self she never knew, and with gained healing.

Today, she is a Certified Sound Vibrational Practitioner, Trainer, Advocate, Transformation Mentor, and Retreat Facilitator offering Sound Vibration / Energy work and Education to individuals, groups, companies, and more.

Her vision is to be a leading advocate to support the emerging evidence that "The Future of Medicine is Sound Vibration."

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Research mentioned in the podcast: Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension, and Well-being: An Observational Studyhttps://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5871151/

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