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Dec. 13, 2022

The Power of Somatic Breathwork

The Power of Somatic Breathwork
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In this episode Steve and his guest, therapist Lisa Strawn, discuss their life changing experience with Somatic Breathwork. Steve and Lisa participated in a recent in-person Somatic Breathwork Practitioner training conducted by Somatic Breathwork founders, Steven Jaggers  and Fish Fischer. In this episode Steve and Lisa discuss:

* What Somatic Breathwork is and how it helps people heal.

* The release of stress, emotions and trauma through Somatic Breathwork

* The power of community 

*The process of healing 

* Combining Somatic Breathwork with other modalities

* How you can experience Somatic Breathwork

* How you can become a Somatic Breathwork Practitioner 

* How Steve plans to introduce Somatic Breathwork to the Better Place Project Community.

For more information or to become a Somatic Breathwork Practitioner, please visit:
Somaticbreathwork.com and enter Promo Code "BPP."

To sign up for Adam Carbary's Inner Child Breathwork Session on 12-17-22:

Steven Jaggers: @Jaggersjr
Fish Fisher: @fishfischer_
Rachel Cuthbert; @rachelcuthbert
Jordan Perry: @jordanjperry
Nadeem Al-Hasan: @nadeem.alhasan
Casey Riley: @healthfulcasey
Lisa Strawn: @leorisen

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